• Laine Hoke

When to post a photo on instagram

Your post volume will first be determined by how much content you have. If you are a photographer, videographer you’ll inherently have easier access to more content than, say a pottery maker.

Regardless of your business, you will need to know when your target audience is most active on Instagram.

How do you do this? Well, since you are not a mind reader, you will need some good old fashioned research followed by testing on your own followers.


Oberlo has a great article that will help you decide what time to post across multiple channels, including Instagram + Facebook.

Hubspot breaks it down a little more for those who want to really perfect their Insta-game.

Once you have completed your research, start planning out the kind of content you want to post. Are you going to be graphic heavy with inspiration quotes? Will you be posting images of your product? An event?

Keep your brand in mind when you are brainstorming. Next we will dive into your brand, your grid, and a more specific content strategy.


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