• Laine Hoke

Setting up your Instagram account the RIGHT way

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The first step is to create an Instagram profile for your brand. You will need to get a handle (account name) for your brand, keep in mind this needs to be as close to your actual brand name as possible and should be the same across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and our favorite- Instagram).

Having an account called @BillyCandles on Instagram, @BillyCandles123 on Twitter, and @BillyJoelCandles on Facebook is a bad branding strategy and will cause confusion among customers.

Once you have walked through the basics of setting up your account, you will be asked if your account will be for business or personal use. Choose business for obvious reasons - you are a business.

This will allow you to see metrics on how well your posts are performing with your audience and other users that engage with your content. You will be able to access data related to metrics like impressions, reach, and engagement.

This will also allow you to create Instagram ads in the future; not now, you are still learning.

You will be prompted to fill out basic information on your profile, things like your name (use your business’s name, not your own- unless it’s the same thing), your contact information (use a general mailbox email address if you have one to make sure inquiries don’t fall through the cracks), your website, and a short bio.

In your bio, you can use hashtags and tag other accounts (only tag accounts you own that compliment what you are selling/posting/promoting).

Remember to keep your bio short, direct, and on brand. Don’t use flowery language or confusing terms. Industry jargon just creates a block for customers to understand you. You only have a few seconds to make an impression when someone comes to your profile, anything that distracts from the desired action you want people to take on your page can result is missed opportunities.

Make sure the link to your website goes to a page that will add value to prospective customers. The less clicks it takes for folks to get to what they want, the higher your conversation rate (i.e., sales) will be.

If you are advertising for a sale of a certain product, you can change the link in your bio to take people directly to that page. This is because links in your post caption are not clickable- meaning if you are promoting something on the only way for your customers to get to that page is for them to natively type the address into their own browser or click the link in your bio… which are you more likely to do? That’s right. The link in the bio.

That will round out the set up of your Instagram business account. Before we get too far into the weeds, it’s important that you know a few basics like how to post a photo and when to post a photo.


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